Start your Business Planning Today with Bajaj Finance FD at Interest Rate of 8.60%

Start Planning For Your Business Today With Bajaj Finance FD at Interest Rate of 8.60%

While you may be considering to plan for your business, think of investing in a fixed deposit. While most companies tend to go for capital infusion externally or from own pocket, fixed deposits could be the most lucrative option to park your savings and yield high-interest rates. Additionally, your investment decision should also be based on the risk tolerance level of the company.

How fixed deposits work?

Fixed Deposit is a one-time investment product that offers assured returns with complete safety. Further, you can choose the tenor of FD depending upon your needs and goals. Banks have a rate of interest governed by their net interest margin. This is usually lowered when a rate cut happens. However, a fixed deposit issued by NBFCs and other housing finance companies can help you grow your money as they have 1-2% higher interest rates as compared to bank FDs.

Choosing the right company FD for your business

It’s important that you opt for a company FD with the highest safety record. Bajaj Finance FDs have FAAA/Stable rating from CRISIL rating from ICRA- which are one of the highest available ratings in the industry. You are assured of the return of capital and interest at the chosen time period along with lucrative rates. Further, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit offers a competitive interest rate at 8.60% for new investors irrespective of market fluctuations. 

How can Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits help your business to grow?

Puts idle cash to use

With such high rates of interest and secured returns, FD is treated as one of the most attractive means of creating long term wealth. You can plan your investment as per available surplus cash and your potential future liabilities. It is easy to customize your investment and keep a track with online account management feature. With online FD calculator, returns can be estimated well in advance.

Cheap capital

If you carefully invest decent lump sum amounts over a number of years, you can create a sizeable corpus which can be used as a base capital. Since this is the fastest and cheapest way of getting funds, you may use your fixed deposit for business expansion by mobilizing your working capital.

Minimizes risk

Investing business cash in risky investments like stocks is out of bounds by strict rules in many companies where risk limits of investments are pre-defined. Hence, investing in a fixed deposit is a much safer option that offers guaranteed returns owing to financial security. You can rest assured with your savings with Bajaj Finance FD as they have a proven track record of timely interest payments.

Immediate liquidity for cash crunch situations

You can book your FD with a minimum amount of INR 25,000. In case of an emergency, you can use up to 90% of your fixed deposit amount as loan. The money deposited by you continues to receive interest as the amount that’s given as loan is considered as an overdraft facility by the lender. This can be a great way to attain short-term liquidity for immediate payments. Moreover, you can also go for a hassle-free premature withdrawal of the FD.

Periodic interest pay-outs aligned to business expenses

Bajaj Finance FD offers both cumulative and non-cumulative options. You can choose your interest pay-out options and align your business expenses. It is up to you to decide whether you need a lump sum at maturity or you want frequent pay-outs. You also have an option for auto-renewal wherein the deposit gets automatically renewed with the same period of time under the same interest rate at the end of maturity.

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits should be a part of your business investment plans to achieve stable and high returns. You need to plan your finances smartly to achieve long-term business goals. If you are risk-averse and want to invest your hard-earned money, this is probably the best time to make the most of it. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit also offers online FD Monthly Interest calculator, returns can be estimated well in advance.

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