Causes and Effects: Web Design for Social-Change Organizations

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The web offers organizations and individuals a plethora of opportunities to take action and encourage the social change. This ranges from offering information and facts to signing petitions, making donations and much more.

There are many from across the world who want to change the world for the better but they do not know how to go about it. But the recent global events have caused many people to wonder what they should do. Activisms and social protests have become the greatest stories of the youth henceforth.

The social change organisations make their web presence felt on the internet through the social media presence. Be it a Meetup Group or Facebook page, it starts and ends with it. As the organisation starts to grow its members may require a standalone website.

Some Tips for the Design and Operation

Now designing a site for a social change organisation is not overtly different from that of the profit organisations. The goals are the same –

Draw visitors, engage them with your story and generate support. For that the organisations needs the following –

  • A Consistent Brand That Can be Identified Easily –Although the juicy taglines and eye-catching logos are quite vital, but the main importance lies in colour scheme, consistent look and feel, graphical elements and message that set your organisation apart from the crowd.
  • Clear Calls to Action – If you want the people’s support it is imperative that you ask for it. Support is not just limited to financial ones. It can be in the form of advertisement, supplies, transportation, equipment, time and advertising. You should let you visitors know what you are offering and help them sign up easily.
  • Compelling Copy – In order to change the world, you have to transform the mind set of people. This implies that you should have internally consistent, compelling and well-written copy that is persuasive with solid facts, arguments and data. You should understand that your target audience are not just those who already agree with you but also those who are in two minds and are not still decided. Your copy should be able to persuade them.
  • Intuitive Navigation – Your site should be navigable. This means your users should be able to move around the site seamlessly to find what they need and offer support.
  • Designed to Drive Repeat Visits – This enables you to keep the content fresh and the visitors informed of upcoming and recent activities. If your site has stale contents, then it implies that you are not doing anything. And no one supports a movement that doesn’t move.
  • Social Media Ties – Last but not the least you should not forget about you social media presence. Irrespective of whether you have website or not, your social media is crucial to get the message through to as many people as possible. Your website should be able to connect people from the social media presence and social media presence should be able to connect visitors to your site.

Special Considerations for Organisations

Now even though the site for social change organisations are similar to that of the profit businesses, there are certain special considerations.

  • File a Detailed Account – You should provide a detailed account about who runs the organisation. Don’t forget to also offer background info to show that your people can make things happen. Elaborate your previous works and mention how successful it was. You should know that people like those organisation that are led by real people who are recognisable and are non-anonymous.
  • Maintain Transparency – People want to know where their contributions are going. They should go for actual activities and not the administrative overhead. Offer details on where the money comes from and where it is spent.
  • Provide Easy Support – You should make it easy for visitors for financial support by crowdfunding sites or PayPal or some other means. You can put a “Donate Now” link on every page.
  • Show Tax/ Legal Status – Some people are more willing to offer financial support if they have a tax deduction. So you should consider including info about the organisation’s tax/ legal status. Answer questions like whether it is a registered organisation or whether it is incorporated. Mention the kind of entity it is.

For your reference you can visit the sites of Ted, Rescue Social Change Group etc.

Now the experts of best web development company in india suggest that if an organisation thinks that it does not call for web design smarts or marketing techniques, then it is not going to survive. You should think like a business, a professional and then create a website that is appealing to generate the support that is needed for you cause.

Only then you will be able to get out there and bring about the changes that you want for the greater good.

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