Best Hacks to Incorporate Instagram into Your Web Design

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These days, the photo-sharing social media site Instagram is trending, as more businesses, web designers, graphic artists, illustrators are leveraging the same. Instagram boasts of more than 40 million active users and therefore, brands – big and small are switching to this visual platform compared to the other social media sites. Instagram is in the news for all the right reasons, and in this article, we will walk you through some of the best ways to integrate it into your web design.

According to an article published on, businesses today make the best use of Instagram Stories and so as a web designer or if you have a web design firm, it makes perfect sense to reap the maximum benefits out of this platform. Here are some ways in which big brands are integrating this visual site into their web design:

The Instagram badge

Did you know that many times, the simplest incorporation works best for your web design? It is true when your web pages are immaculately designed using the right brand colors, logo, and animations, as some of the popular digital production firms are designing, these days.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, Make Me Pulse has its logo at the base, right in the left-hand corner together with other social media badges, the design being very simple and fundamental. Then, the color white on the black backdrop stands out, however, does not distract visitors from the website’s genuine design as well as animated graphics. Sometimes, simplicity is the new sophistication.

The hashtag feed

In this age of digital marketing, design evangelists, digital lifestyle, as well as word-of-mouth advertising are becoming extremely popular. It implies that the involvement of customers is increasing significantly for brands all over the world.

Run Happy NYC, which is a community devoted to the NYC Marathon’s 44th birthday, used the hashtag #runhappynyc so that people can contribute quality content. Tweets and Instagram posts were merged into a single feed,shown on the website’s home page. You might be wondering how it was beneficial. Well, the strategy made visitors realize that they are part of something greater or larger than themselves.

When people see themselves, or someone they are in a training session, appearing on the website’s home page, the feeling is awesome. They feel important and special.

The e-commerce platform

Though Instagram isn’t ideally meant for e-commerce despite all initiatives, some companies such asLike2Buy and FourSixty have designed platforms to connect the visual site Instagram as well as e-commerce businesses.

If you know about Suja, its e-commerce website lets you buy cold-pressed juices. Most of their products are Instagrammable; however, there isn’t a simple way to relate each of their posts to their business website. The sole clickable URL on the picture-sharing site is in the profile description and Suja can make the most out of this link to attract clients to their Like2Buy page, where customers can see the high-resolution photos and, with a single click, land on the particular product’s web page. It helps in easier conversions and helps customers to make their juice ordering experience enjoyable than ever. Stunning photos also help brands gain Like4Like and increase their fan following.

The sales focus

Just like Vu Sunglass’s editorial page, a company called White Fox Boutique has designed a web page with a clear sales focus. When a visitor will click on the Instagram photos, he or she will find a list full of links to the displayed items, directing them right to the area of purchase.

These days, many e-commerce businesses are active on mobile apps, and therefore, Instagram could become more compliant to such users. Today, the photo-sharing site has started to include e-businesses into the platform with a comparatively new attempt, called Instagram for Business.

Then, it is believed that the price of making an Instagram advertisement is quite high, costing marketers $350,000 and up to $1 million every month. Now, only the top and high-selling brands can afford this amount. Smaller or for that matter, mid-sized companies cannot spend so heavily, not a practical solution at all.

For small and medium-sized firms, Instagram has dropped some hint on releasing simpler ways to relate to checkout pages in the days to come. Though possible, it is indeed a challenging task to achieve.

Website on photo-sharing site Instagram

Unique though, Sandwich Creative has come up with a method to place your business website together with all its content on the visual platform Instagram. When a visitor scrolls through the Instagram page, the tiles changes into new web pages, though not a clickable or functional site, it will be perfect for businesses that use their current website to educate or inform visitors. It also means that some companies may not need a conventional website anymore. If your business suits this technique, you can try it.

The embedded Instagram feed

The fundamental way of incorporating Instagram into web design is by embedding a feed, and Famedrop, an online garment store based out of Montreal, does just that. It embeds a feed just beneath the fold on the website’s home page. With the inclusion of an Instagram theme that matches well with existing products as well as web design colors or shades, the entire integration looks cohesive. You can try this tactic and benefit from the same.

The Lookbook

Although also an Instagram feed, a user-friendly Instagram page helps in creating a complete web page full of the content without the need to develop additional content. The very popular Vu Sunglass made the most out of this tactic, a lookbook-style page for their range of sunglasses.

Shown as editorial instead of Instagram feed, there is little proof, however, that such quality content arises from their Instagram profile. However, even subtle integration promotes e-commerce by linking the displayed sunglasses when a user clicks on the thumbnail image.


Many social sites are integrated into web design these days, and therefore, web designers should use the best ways to incorporate Instagram into web design, especially when targeting people in the age group of 16-34 years, who are active on the photo-sharing social site.

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