6 Cleaning Tips to Care For Your Home

Home Cleaning Tips

There are people who clean their houses daily, while some do it as a weekly task. Regardless of how often you clean your house, you need to make sure that you are doing the right thing.

Sometimes, we clean the house half-heartedly so that we don’t fail to clean anything properly. If you want to make sure that you clean your houses properly, here are some of the simple tips that you can follow.

1. Microwave your Cloths and Sponges

When cleaning your house, you need to make sure that all of your tools are clean and sterile. Trying to clean the house with a dirty cloth or sponge is not really cleaning. You are just spreading the bacteria around the house. It may look clean at the surface, but the bacteria are there and it might infect your family.

The best thing to do before you start cleaning your house with your cloths and sponges is to pop them inside the microwave for at least 30 seconds to remove the bacteria. Wait for a few minutes before you pull them out as they would be too hot.

It’s fine if you don’t have a microwave. You can put the cloth in the washing machine and the sponges in your dishwasher. You can also dip them for a few minutes in hot water. You should also replace your sponges at least once every week.

2. Clean Shower Head and Faucets with Vinegar

Showerheads and faucets don’t get much love during house cleaning, which is why we decided to give you a simple trick on how to make them shiny and clean.

  • Get a sandwich bag and put a generous amount of vinegar and baking soda inside. Make sure that the bag is full of vinegar.
  • Place the showerhead or faucet handle on the bag and make sure that it is fully submerged.
  • Use a rubber band or tie to secure the bag.
  • Leave the showerhead or faucet handle inside for about one to two hours.
  • Take the showerhead or faucet handle and install them immediately. Allow them to run for a few seconds before using it.

3. Bleach and Vinegar for Mold Removal

When it comes to mold, hiring a Las Vegas mold removal company will be a great way to do it. However, if you only have a few mold problems, there is a way to do it yourself.

Bleach is a good mold killer. With the right amount, it can kill almost all types of mold on any surface. However, it is only a temporary solution since the mold might return in the future if you will not do any long-term treatments for it.

Vinegar, on the other hand, is a better option since it can seep through porous materials. You only need a small amount of vinegar to kill the molds in your house.

If you noticed that there are a lot of molds growing inside your house, it is better to hire a professional to do it for you. There is a big chance that you will miss molds that are living in hard to reach areas and only professional mold removal services can completely remove them.

4. Use Lemon and Salt for Steel Stains

Water can leave stains on steel surfaces and they are extremely hard to remove. If you’ve left the stains for weeks or months, it would be impossible to remove them with just soap and water.

The best way to fully remove the stains on the steel is to use lemon as a cleaning agent. The acid from the lemon will help remove the stain and by combining it with salt, you can effectively scrub the surface and remove any leftover stains.

The process is very simple. You just need to slice a lemon in half, sprinkle the salt on the area that you want to clean, and use the lemon halves to clean the steel or faucet. Rinse the area with warm water to get a shiny finish.

5. Removing Bathtub and Sink Stains with Salt and Grapefruit

We always see lemon and vinegar as cleaning agents, but did you know that grapefruit is also effective when cleaning your house?

Grimes and stains from your bathtub and sinks are hard to remove, but with grapefruit and salt, you can make it look brand new. The process is extremely simple. Cut the grapefruit in half, sprinkle the salt on the grapefruit, and in your bathtub or sink. Use half of the grapefruit to scrub your tub or sink and remove all of the stains.

The best thing about this is that you won’t have to use any fresheners to make your bathroom smell fresh. The smell of the grapefruit is good enough.

However, you need to remember that lemon and grapefruit are not substitutes for antibacterial agents. They can clean your house, but they won’t be able to remove the bacteria so you still need antibacterial products to make sure that your house is free from disease-causing germs.

6. Using White Bread to Remove Greasy Prints

If you are one of those people who throw the butts of the bread loaf, you can use it in cleaning your house. Before throwing them in the bin, you can use them to remove greasy prints from the walls.

The spongy surface of the bread can erase the smudges and prints from the wall and the gluten will absorb dirt and stains. When using the bread, don’t smudge too much or the bread might crumble. You just need to dub it gently on the area. You can put it off with a wet cloth afterward.


Cleaning your house doesn’t have to be expensive and difficult. You don’t need to scrub for a long time just to remove the stains. With just a few little tricks, you can make your home cleaning faster and more convenient. Just follow all the simple tips above and you can make sure that cleaning your house won’t take a whole day.

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