5 Ways to Use Technology in Your Business

Technology in Business

Technology has the potential to revolutionize your business. From productivity to efficiency, the right tech tools — no matter how big or small your enterprise — can help add value and streamline operations.

If you’re a new start-up or if tech isn’t your strong point, below are a few ways to use technology to improve your business.

Functional Website

Every business should have a website no matter what industry they’re in. A website demonstrates professionalism and can be the front of the house for your products and services, especially with so many people online. Having a functional and well-designed website also means you can be searchable while increasing your brand visibility. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, hire a marketing professional, or learn the basics of how you can get your business to rank higher on the Google Search pages.

Email Management

If your business receives a lot of messages, particularly if you have a shared inbox, digital email management solutions can help you stay organized. This can be done in several ways and is especially crucial when more than one team member is working in that inbox at once:

  • Rules: set rules up on your email client that will sort, flag, and move your messages to specific folders
  • Spam filtering: update your lists of safe and blocked users so that you can reduce spam
  • Turn off notifications: productivity can significantly decline if you’re reading and responding to every message in real-time. Turn off notifications and set dedicated time aside for email so that you can use that energy elsewhere
  • Inbox sorting: decide how the inbox will be used — as a working task list, or for high-priority messaging only.

Team Messaging

Collaboration is a huge part of any business – without teammates, inspiration can be lacking and turnaround times of projects slower than desired. That’s why it’s key to make messaging and communication between your employees as simple and straightforward as possible. Not only can these allow team members to discuss projects, team messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams can also vastly improve productivity. Rather than sending individual emails, for example, team messaging platforms can centralize project work and reduce the amount of time spent talking about ideas or tasks. Digital messaging can also be quicker and more efficient than meetings or phone calls. What’s more, it also creates a sense of community within the company, allowing employees to form valuable friendships that may extend outside of the office environment.

Virtual Storage – The Cloud

Gone are the days when we store all our documents in a filing cabinet. While these are still used in some businesses, many are digitizing their documents and uploading them to the Cloud. The advantage of this is it creates a centralized location for your staff to access important files. This can be done with technologies like Cloud Hosted Desktop and SharePoint for file management. Learn more about SharePoint Cloud Migration benefits for your business. However, if you’re new to cloud-based services, knowing which platforms to use and how to migrate a large number of documents can be daunting. When in doubt, companies like outsourceIT can guide you towards the best cloud solutions for your business.

Remote Desktops

With so many businesses forced to go remote after the coronavirus, investing in technology that allows remote desktops can be incredibly beneficial. This allows you or your staff to work from anywhere while still being able to access important databases and files. You may be able to set up this function through your IT department or by investing in software such as:

  • TeamViewer
  • LogMeIn Pro
  • Splashtop
  • Remote PC
  • Zoho Assist
  • Connectwise Control 

There are endless options out there when it comes to using technology in your business. The key is to find ways to leverage your earnings while increasing productivity and efficiency.

How Technology Drives Doing Business During COVID-19

At this point, it’s no understatement that the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected businesses and consumers alike. Physical stores have been shuttered, people have hunkered down in their homes and the world has gone into a near standstill.

And because of this, technology has become a quintessential enabler for the continuity of doing business during COVID-19 especially in the commercial sector where eCommerce platforms have seen a huge boom in adoption. Everything from clothing to FMCGs such as groceries has taken to online marketplaces to provide consumers with what they need. Even the food and beverage industry, which has been greatly affected by the lack of foot traffic, has adopted delivery and takeout through third-party platforms in an attempt to stay economically viable.

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