5 Tips for a Safe Return to the Office

Covid Protection

Are you ready to have your team come back to the office? Is it time to get back to a shared office space? After many months of working from home, you may be ready to get back to working together, but still have concerns over the safety of a shared worked space.

What can you do to help your team feel like you have their safety in mind while allowing for a co-working environment that allows for optimal productivity? Consider these tips below:

Invest in hand sanitizer

Clean hands are always a good idea, but it may have taken a global pandemic for us to realize the importance of sanitizing our hands while in public spaces. If you want to make sure to keep the environment clean, consider investing in wholesale hand sanitizer, so you have plenty on hand for your team.

Set up safe work areas

Workspaces may have been designed for co-working closely together, but with Covid-19 still present and the presence of potential dangers from being too close to other people, it’s wise to set up your office space in a way that allows for at least 6-feet of space between co-workers, unless your team wants to wear masks. While your team may be able to work closely on projects if they wish to, ensuring that those who would like to remain at a distance while working in the office is not only a way to show your team you care but also helpful for keeping the spread at bay.

Check temperatures

One thing to watch out for in the workplace are fevers. Even if someone is running a fever unrelated to the virus, it’s still wise for everyone’s health that they get a day or two of rest, both for their own recovery, and also to prevent team exposure to any kind of illness. A digital forehead thermometer can help ensure everyone is feeling well enough to get the job done. Another option is to ask your team to check their temperatures before heading in every day to work. This is a less-invasive way to make sure everyone feels fine while also showing trust in your crew.

Set up optional outdoor workspaces

Some of your team may feel more comfortable working outside in fresh air. While this may not always be possible, depending on the climate where you live, if it’s not unbearably hot, an outside workspace is not only ideal for your physical health in these times, but fresh air could also be beneficial for mental clarity as well. Additionally, if some of your team members are immunocompromised, consider using a project planning website for smooth-running projects (if you haven’t already), so they can continue working from home if needed.

Consider periodical Covid testing

This could be something that allows you to keep your environment safe, as well as helps ensure the safety of your clients or customers. Consider working with a local healthcare provider to offer free Covid testing for your team, so you can be sure to have a safe work environment for everyone.

In Conclusion

It’s been a long year of working from home for many people and while there may be those who will miss getting things done without changing out of their pajamas, others are happy to separate their work life from their personal lives and get back to business at the office. Although the virus is still present in our lives, thanks to the decrease in cases and the arrival of vaccines, many companies are ready to “go back to work;” safely, of course.

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