3 Steps to Using a Cold Therapy Unit to Help you Recover After a Game!

Cold Therapy

Say you just played a 90-minute soccer game and your legs are very sore. You need to quickly recover so you can practice tomorrow without feeling tired or getting injured in the process. But what is the best way to recover?

You don’t want to take painkillers or simply ignore the joint aches and muscle pains, but you need to do something so you are good to go again in 24 hours. Many pro athletes and elite athletes find ways to recover after intense competitions and games, such as massage therapy, physical therapy, and other methods to help their mind and body fully recuperate.

One of the best methods to recover after a game or competition is cold therapy. This modality involves applying localized or full-body cold temperatures to help your muscles recover quicker and more effectively. Let’s see the benefits and steps of how to use a cold therapy unit to help recover after an intense game or practice session.

3 steps of using a cold therapy unit after a game – try donjoy iceman!

Cold therapy is an easy-to-use and beneficial method for recovering after a game. Athletes often use this technique to help reduce inflammation in muscles and joints, visit site to learn more about it. However, applying cold therapy can also apply to ‘regular’ people who have chronic pain associated with joint conditions, like arthritis, or muscle aches due to repetitive motions, such as from golfing or typing at the computer.

Apply to the affected joint

One way in which you can use a cold therapy unit after a game is to find the sore or injured part of your body and apply the cold therapy unit. When using donjoy iceman, make sure you find which area is most affected and start there first. If your knee is hurting from a slide tackle, repetitive kicking of the soccer ball, or a collision with another player, you should first apply the cold therapy unit to your knee before moving elsewhere on your body.

Control the cold setting

The second step of using a cold therapy unit on your body is to adjust the cool setting. With your donjoy iceman, you can adjust how cold you want the unit to be at a certain time. If you are not good with dealing with cold temperatures, maybe start at a higher temperature before slowly cooling it off as time goes on.

Choose how long you want the cold therapy for

The last step in using your unit and the donjoy iceman for recovering after a game is choosing how long you want to use the cold for. Most athletes typically use ice therapy and heat therapy for around 15-20 minutes per affected area. If your knee and ankle are both hurting or injured from your game, consider using the donjoy iceman for 20 minutes on your knee and then 20 minutes on your ankle.


Using the donjoy iceman cold therapy unit for recovering after a game is a foolproof way to recover from injuries, ease aching muscles, and reduce inflammation in your joints.

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