Top Reasons to Move to Rockford, Iowa

Rockford Iowa Real Estate

What’s not to love about Rockford? The sunlight? The cool country air? Or the sterling figures? Or the cost and standard of living?

Rockford is a beautiful place to live all year round; whether it’s snowing or raining, it has excellent greenery to appeal to the eyes.

You might have seen some issues of living in Rockford, but remember that cities improve, and situations can get better. Aspects that you might have heard about in the past subside and quite certainly become a thing of the past as the economy thrives. The government is putting conscious efforts into making Rockford liveable.

Here are some great reasons why you should consider moving to Rockford.

The Aesthetic Found in Rockford Real Estate and General Area Are Fantastic

The outstanding aesthetic value of the town and Rockford Iowa real estate is top-notch. You get to enjoy green grass and blue skies, and so much more. The town is a hundred percent picturesque, and it has seen more than its fair share of photographers and viral pictures.

Security in Many Regards

With less than 3.7% (the United States unemployment average) of the population unemployed, crime rates are significantly lower. There is guaranteed security. Everybody knows everybody, and everybody looks out for everybody. You’re going to be safe. Your wife and kids will be too. That is unbeatable in this present era. Also, the small population of the city means that there are always jobs on the corner. The median income of the town is forty-eight thousand dollars. That’s not such bad pay considering that you don’t even have to spend up to a third or quarter of it on necessities to survive. Indeed, job security, quality of life, and an average lower cost of living are different aspects to appreciate in Rockford, Iowa.

Cost of Living

Speaking of the cost of living, let’s talk about that for a moment. The cost and standard of living in the town are low and high respectively. You get an absurdly bountiful amount of farm-fresh products for low prices compared to anywhere else in the state or the country.

Further, the middle home price range in the area is around $120,000. That is a price range that is lower than many different parts of the United States. As such, it is no surprise why individuals seek to move to this wonderful place. 

Housing is Affordable in Iowa

The price of housing is too reasonable to be true. A two-story, four-bed, and one bath house in Rockford can go for as low as forty thousand dollars to seventeen thousand dollars. It’s equivalent in Manhattan, New York would be around three hundred thousand dollars in rent (or higher) and up to fifty million to purchase outright.

You also have to consider that the Richmond house would have its own compound and maybe even a few trees. And of course, there are houses with much fewer rooms and much less space, but even those will not hold a candle to the price of its equivalent in New York.

The only thing Rockford houses wouldn’t have or that its owners or tenants won’t experience is the indiscriminate honking and yelling and every other thing that can be found on the streets of New York or other big cities.

Find Quality Education in Rockford, Iowa

Then there are the schools too. There is The RRMR Elementary School and The Rockford Junior-Senior High school, both of them combined with an average of 12 (11.9) students per teacher. And its students have a higher percentage of graduating high school than other schools in the United States. Of course, there are other schools present in the area as well, so you have a variety of options!

The idea of living in Rockford is probably already filling up your head right now, and to be fair, why shouldn’t it? Do your research and get yourself even more convinced. We’ll see you when you move in.

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