Top Reasons to get CSM® Online Certification

Certified Scrum Master

CSM® (Certified Scrum Master) online certification is a certification awarded by Scrum Alliance, a globally recognized body, for individuals who want to be Scrum Masters in a Scrum Team. This certification is recognized in various industries such as information technology, automobile, manufacturing, infrastructure, and others worldwide.

CSM® online certification is offered to professionals who are experts in scrum terminology, principles, and practices in the CSM® exam. This credential can boost your career and make you more noticeable over your peers in the Agile space. You will be a part of an elite group of Scrum specialists who guide their teams to success. CSM® online certification sets you apart as a leader who can provide expertise and knowledge beyond a typical project manager.

With the upsurge in data and information, companies and organizations have adopted Agile and Scrum methodologies, leading to a rise in the demand for professionals who are experts in these practices and can manage and perform projects in these areas. To get trained in the areas of Agile and Scrum, CSM® online certification is a must. This certification also acts as a tangible proof for employers who are looking to hire certified scrum masters. It also shows that you have the required skills and dedication that employers and companies are looking for in Scrum Masters. Every team in companies and organizations requires Scrum Masters who can lead different Agile projects. With the CSM® certification, individuals acquire the necessary skills to guide project teams within Scrum environments. They can also easily learn and identify the needs of the project and implement changes accordingly.

As a Certified Scrum Master, there are various job designations that one can get, including –

  1. Entry Level Scrum Master– If you have experience of less than a year, you can begin your career as an entry-level scrum master.
  2. Scrum Master –Once you have acquired experience of more than one year, you can be promoted to the designation of Scrum Master, wherein you will be required to implement a servant-leader style of operation. In this designation, you will have to play the role of a coach, facilitator, and motivator capable of removing any obstacles that your team might face during product development. With this designation, you can also expect an increase in your salary.
  3. Senior Scrum Master –After a few years of experience, you would be promoted to the designation of Senior Scrum Master, wherein your responsibilities would increase. You would be tasked with handling multiple teams and maintaining harmony amongst all team members and teams. You will also get the opportunity to demonstrate your increased experience and the in-depth knowledge you have gained over the years.
  4. Coach Scrum Master – Once you reach the designation of Coach Scrum Master, you will be responsible for training teams, groups, and sites about Scrum practices on a full-time basis. You will also be responsible for keeping your teams up-to-date regarding all the latest updates in the Scrum guide and the latest technologies and techniques that they can implement for faster results.
  5. Product Manager/Owner –With your experience, you will then be promoted to the level of product owner or manager, as you will have sufficient knowledge regarding handling teams and the latest practices in the field.

CSM® online certification acts as a boost to your career and resume. There are various benefits of pursuing this certification, such as –

  1. Increased Salary –As compared to other scrum masters, those with CSM® certification earn more. The average annual compensation of a certified scrum master is around $55,000 to $ 150,000. Several big companies hire individuals who hold CSM® certification compared to their peers who don’t.
  2. Strong Knowledge –With the help of CSM® online certification, individuals can increase their knowledge about Scrum and enhance their skills to implement them to achieve high-value products successfully. This certification helps build a strong foundation and understand the concepts of the Scrum framework, even if one is not familiar with Scrum.
  3. Being an Asset to The Workforce –If you don’t hold a CSM® certification, you might not be able to establish yourself as a Scrum Master in your organization. Certified Scrum Masters are a valuable asset for any organization since they help the organization and team members to adopt Agile methodologies and practices.
  4. Driving successful projects – Individuals who are Certified Scrum Masters are more likely to drive a project towards success than scrum masters who aren’t certified, as their clients can recognize the potential value of a Scrum team that has certified team members and leaders who can apply Scrum practices efficiently.

There are various benefits of a CSM® certification, so if you are an individual looking to become a Scrum Master, you should acquire this certification.

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