Plan an Outdoor Event to Promote Your Business

Outdoor Events

Getting outdoors and on the street to promote your business is one of the best local marketing tactics you can pursue. It raises awareness of your brand and gives you a chance to connect directly with potential customers.

There are many tactics you can take if you want to get out in person to engage. From handing out flyers on the street to music festival sponsorships, getting out there can make a difference for businesses of all sizes – as long as you tackle it strategically.

Answer This: Why Should Anyone Engage?

A successful campaign always starts with a clear answer to this question: why should anyone stop and listen to what you’re selling?

You need to provide value if you want people to stop. These are just a few ideas commonly put into practice:

  • Free samples or an offer for free products at a certain time.
  • Entertainment that will convince passersby to stop, such as a photo kiosk or a fun, interactive digital billboard.
  • Selfie opportunities with something interesting or unusual.

Make sure you know what your audience is getting out of this, or you might be disappointed when they don’t engage.

Find a Location

Now you need the ideal location, and that really depends on what your business is. Local restaurants, bars, and cafes may want to focus on the immediate vicinity, connecting with the neighbors and people who come through the area frequently.

Bigger brands may prefer to target the most high-traffic areas possible, such as outside the busiest transportation nodes.

If you want to create an experience that will draw people in and invite them to stay awhile, find a location where people can get out of the traffic, such as a public square or park.

Once you’ve found a location, it’s time to find out what kind of permits you need to host your event there.

Use Technology

Digital signage has become a big part of outdoor events and brand activations as a way to stop people in their tracks and get attention.

Thanks to innovative solutions for pop up and portable digital billboards, you can deploy interactive displays and experiences anywhere at a low cost without having to apply for extra permits or deal with extensive construction and installation.

You can work with a digital signage company to create a truly unique engagement or experience that will help you attract attention. Outdoor digital signage is capable of touch and gesture-based interactivity, gamification, and even Augmented Reality.

Plan for the Weather

What’s your backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Don’t be surprised if engagement decreases due to rain. People will be less likely to stop if there’s a thunderstorm going on overhead, on top of already-reduced foot traffic.

Sometimes as much as we plan, the weather can surprise us, which is why your activation should be weather-rated. Your tech of choice should withstand harsh weather conditions. The technology is out there for your digital signage to shine even when the weather has other plans.

Putting your marketing efforts out in public is a big part of successful local marketing campaigns. It’s easy to get lost in the digital shuffle if you’re opening a new business or trying to expand into a new city. If you want people in the area to find out who you are, local marketing cuts through the barriers and puts you face-to-face with your potential customers.

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