5 Must-have Apps for Learning Finance

Finance Learning Apps

Over the years, the e-learning industry and technology have evolved hand-in-hand to provide learners with mobile-app learning, on-the-go.

Now, users can learn about anything, from anywhere, on a schedule of their liking. One of the things they can choose to learn about, is Finance.

From certificate courses or blogs, videos, workshops, mobile apps use a creative range of learning mediums to equip learners with as much knowledge as possible.

However, with an extensive range of apps which cover the various aspects of the market, it can be hard to choose which apps to start our learning with.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most thorough mobile applications when it comes to learning about finance.

1. Elearnmarkets

The Elearnmarkets website prides itself on being a one-stop solution for all kinds of learners, investors and traders looking to expand their knowledge about any aspect of finance.

Quite recently, the Elearnmarkets app was launched to provide users with extensive learning resources on their mobile phones.

The app offers a wide range of –

  • Courses
  • Videos
  • Financial tools and games and
  • Webinars

The app offers a wide range of free and paid courses, some of which are even certified by leading regulators of the stock market like NSE, MCX, etc.

The video gallery, on the app, hosts an extensive range of videos covering the various aspects of trading and investing, with experts of these fields.

Expert content can also be found in the range of free and paid webinars on various interesting and informational concepts about the stock market, trading and investing, money management, etc.

All in all, the app offers a multitude of resources to equip learners with the knowledge they need to learn more about the stock markets.

2. StockEdge

The StockEdge app is built for the aspiring traders and analysts of the stock market, who are looking to make the best investing and trading decisions, with the help of relevant research and analysis through a dedicated team of stock market experts.

The app offers various features to help stock market participants, like scans, charts, investment themes and mutual fund classes.

Along with these features, the app has a separate section that hosts a range of free videos covering a range of topics which can improve financial knowledge and help users use the app in an efficient manner.

3. Zerodha Varsity

With a minimalistic layout and the medium of bite-size learning, the Zerodha Varsity app offers detailed learning about the fields of the stock market like –

  • Basics of the stock market;
  • Options trading;
  • Fundamental and technical analysis;
  • Commodities trading;
  • Trading systems, etc.

Each field of learning is separated into modules, and upon completion, one can give a test to earn a certification.

The app also offers a feed of expert opinions to help learners get a more practical view of the markets.

4. Finandemy

The Finandemy app covers a range of topics about personal finance and stock market trading and investing, for absolutely free.

Most of the courses here do not require any prior experience. The main aim of the app, therefore, is to help anyone interested, in learning about the markets and start their journey of investing or trading.

The courses are quite small in duration but they can help one grasp the basics of each field of the stock market easily. One can also purchase the full version of the app to get a larger set of questions and learning resources and expand their knowledge.

5. Investmate

Investmate is a unique app for novice traders, that builds a learning toolkit for each learner on the basis of their learning goals and the level of difficulty they can manage.

The modules are bite-sized, with the use of interesting examples to clear any doubts beginners might have about the basics. Just like Zerodha Varsity, the app is quite minimalistic in design, with an easy-to-use interface.

The app sets daily targets to help learners build the habit of expanding their knowledge on a regular basis as well, and takes regular short tests to keep them in the loop of what they are learning as well.

Though the app does not offer any official certificates, it is an interesting way to learn about the basics of trading with practical scenarios as examples.

Apart from these apps, experts offer a plethora of free and paid mobile applications, through which learners can create a sound base of financial knowledge.

After learning about the fundamentals of finance, learners can access other financial applications that offer budgeting, portfolio management, and trading and investing platforms.

To conclude, before choosing the best app for themselves, learners should assess –

  • Their learning goals;
  • Their current level of knowledge; and
  • Their budget.

Also, one can choose a combination of various apps to ensure that they have a full-circle perspective on their chosen area of learning as well.

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