How to Invest in Share Market?

How to Invest in share market

One of the best ways of making money and finding your money growing day by day is investing in the share market. Many investors increase their money by 30%-50% every year.

Investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia, Raamdeo Agrawal are some of the famous and successful investors of the stock market. They become multi-millionaire by investing their money in the stock market.

We have lots of examples where people earned crore of rupees simply investing in the share market. But Making money is in the share market is not easy. Many people think it is gambling. But the truth is, investment in the share market is art. You will learn this art if you start investing in the share market and learn from your mistake.

In today’s post, I am going to share step by step, simple method of investment in the share market.

Investing in The Share Market?

Before I start something about the share market I want to clarify, investment in the share market is subjected to market risk. It is not for everyone. You should only invest a small amount of your money in the share market.

If you don’t want to take a risk and want to play safe, then I will advise going with a mutual fund. As they are very safe as compared to the share market. Also, your money will be managed by market experts, so the chance of losing your money will be also low.

Step 1: Find a Good Broker for investment.

The first step of investing in the share market is finding the Broker. As you need a broker who will buy and sell the shares for you from NSE and BSE. You cannot directly approach these listing companies for buying and selling of shares.

5paisa, Upstox is the best broker in India. They don’t charge any money for Account opening or maintenance. It will not take more than 30 minutes for account opening.

Step 2: Find Market Leaders in which you want to invest

If you are a beginner then you should start investing in the share market with Market leaders. As they are safe and the chance of losing your money will also low. The best part is you will generate 15%-30% of revenue from your investment.

A company having low debt are best for investment. Also, make sure you check company profile and past performance before investing your money.

Step 3: Buy and Hold Stock for a Long Time

If you are looking for instant money than the share market is not the right place for you. Real money will be made if you hold your shares for a longer period.

You can learn intraday trading if you want to make money in a short period. But I prefer Holding share for longer period

Step 4: Right to sell 

Don’t be greedy with profits. “The right time to sell your shares is when you see a single dollar of profit in the portfolio” according to warren buffet who is Gendry investors.

So, this is 4 steps which you have to follow If you want to invest in the share market.

Share Market Vs Mutual funds

Everyone asks me in which sector they should invest their money. Where they will get most of the return.

When it comes to returning shot sure share market has lots of return as compared to mutual funds. But one thing which I say every time, more rewards come with more risk. Share market is very risky as compared to mutual funds.

Whereas mutual funds are also directly dependent upon share market for returns but your money will be managed by professional traders who have many years of experience in the share market. They actively manage your money in the share market. The chances of losing your money in a mutual fund are less as compare to share market.

If a person doesn’t want to learn anything about the share market or they don’t have any interest in the share market they can invest their money using mutual funds. Usually 10% to 17% of return you will easily get in mutual funds. But again no one can give you a guaranty for any number of returns in the share market.


I have explained all steps which you need to follow to invest in the share market. Investing in the share market is really easy and quick.

Many people afraid of losing their money in the share market. You will never lose your money if you pick the right companies for investment. You will only make money if you do investment for a longer period.

If you have any questions or you are stuck at any step while investing in the share market then let me know in the comment section. I will surely reply solution for that.

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