A Procedure Isolation Trolley – A Sanitation Boon to The Healthcare World

A Procedure Isolation Trolley – A Sanitation Boon to The Healthcare World

Procedure / medication isolation trolley is one of the most commonly used trolleys in a hospital. The main function performed by these trolleys is to store miscellaneous medical tools and supply them wherever needed.

There are several sets of trays or drawers or shelves in these trolleys which are movable on wheels. These trolleys were designed to enhance the efficiency of a hospital. Generally, hospitals are one exclusive place where there are several patients who may suffer from contagious diseases.

If procedure / medication isolation trolley is not used for the patients, there is a high risk of infection on a large-scale. There are several measures taken by the hospitals to prevent these diseases from spreading. Isolation trolley is a form of such measures.

Medical Crash Cart

A procedure / medication isolation trolley and a common hospital cart have only a few differences.  One of the major points among these differences is that these trolleys are coated with special paint referred to as an antimicrobial paint. Antimicrobial paint keeps the germs out of the cart.

This feature ensures that germs do not spread from one bed or room in the hospital to another. Various kinds of procedure / medication isolation trolleys there are available in the market. It would be a wise decision to select a commercially developed one. Some of these trolleys comprise instructions by the manufacturer related to cleaning. 

Advantages of A Procedure / Medication Isolation Trolley

Following are the basic pros of procedure/medication isolation trolley that make this accessory popular among medical service providers —

  • Medication isolation trolleys are easily movable.
  • Pairs of well-controlled wheels keep it stable and it cannot be easily toppled.
  • It has adequate space for storage of various medicines and equipment.
  • The drawers and shelves in a procedure/medication isolation trolley are designed to keep the things safe and secure.
  • These trolleys are generally made of stainless steel. The material keeps the trolley strong.
  • A little maintenance is needed.

Emergency Trolley

Managing the procedure / medication isolation trolley is a key factor. A few methods of managing the isolation trolley are —

  • As the procedure / medication isolation trolley come with the number of shelves and drawers, therefore, it is extremely necessary for the healthcare units to take advice from professionals for appropriate guidance on its usage. This will define the longevity of the product.
  • Be certain of the fact that the bulk isolation trolley is stationed at about 2 meters away from the patient’s bed in the wards.
  • Hygiene and sanitization of the isolation trolleys are extremely important.  Staff with proper training and knowledge for operation should be designated for the cleaning of the procedure/medication isolation trolley. Cleaning procedures set by the manufacturer which is basically once a week is to be strictly followed in order to maintain the lifespan of the isolation trolley.
  • The users of the procedure/medication isolation trolley are instructed to wash or sanitize their hands before using the trolley. This will ensure that the hygiene goals are preserved.
  • Stocking and restocking the isolation trolley is another important aspect to meet the definite purpose of the trolley. Make sure that the isolation trolley is equipped appropriately which will enable a practitioner to perform his task efficiently. Once an item is being used from the trolley, it should be restocked immediately by the assistants or the concerned person.

Procedure/medication isolation trolleys are a key contribution to the healthcare industry. Upon proper maintenance of the trolley, it will prove as a boon to the medical practitioners. Use of isolation trolleys in the hospitals and other healthcare centres have gained ample assistance in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Less contamination and spread of infectious germs using such trolleys is a positive sign that the sanitation standards are getting upgraded which clearly connotes that the healthcare service providers are taking serious steps in following standard operating procedures set in the industry.

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