8 Flooring Ideas to Increase your Home Resale Value

Flooring Ideas

Are you planning to resell your current home or shift to another location? Whatever you do with your home, the prime aspect is that you surely expect a good resale value. The best way to confirm the return investment is to remodel your house. It might sound confusing but only a renovation can assure you a prominent market value of your house.

Additionally, if you can renovate your home, whenever you prefer, this will enhance the aesthetic factor. On the other hand, you will be able to get benefits through revamping investment for your existing home.

Among all renovation ideas, flooring plays an important role. According to real estate agents, flooring matters while selling a home. Because it can influence the buyers when they walk through the entire house. Let’s see which floorings idea is going to increase your home value in the current market.

1. Wood Flooring

Wood floors are the top-rated amongst all the available flooring options. Wooden floors are versatile, classy, and most importantly durable. According to the words of experts, wooden floors can increase your home resale value up to 2.5%. In addition to this, the average return on investment for placing hardwood floors is within seventy to eighty per cent.

Wood floors are visually appealing for buyers. Moreover, there are loads of choices available such as maple, hickory, pine, oak, walnut, and many. You can consider either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring options.

By the way, engineered hardwood is a better choice where humidity is extreme. Basically, hardwood floors act as an impressive factor for the buyers, if you can maintain the cleanliness. For hassle-free installation services of wooden laminates contact Dubai Fixing.

2. Waterproof Flooring

Do you want to balance the beauty factors with the climate situation? Then, waterproof flooring is a reliable option for maintaining moisture-heavy corners of your home such as kitchen, basement, and laundry space.

Now, waterproof flooring is available in diverse types, brands, and costs. Additionally, waterproof floorings are also available in the form of hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring. These vinyl floors can provide you with realistic wooden floors and they are more budget-friendly.

The homebuyers are going to love the waterproof floors as these floors don’t need much maintenance. Moreover, the waterproof floors are a perfect match for the modern lifestyle. You will surely find a homebuyer faster with the wooden impression and long-lasting quality associated with these remarkable flooring options.

3. Tile Flooring

Tile is another remarkable option for flooring. There is evidence that tiles can also increase your home resale value just like the hardwood flooring. Tile flooring is a better option in tropical regions where wooden floors can generate moulds. Besides this, tiles are visually pleasing when done in the kitchen and bathroom. By the way, there are different tile options with different return on investment values.

4. Ceramic Tile Flooring

If you can install ceramic tiles on your own then definitely you can expect up to 70% ROI on selling your home. These tiles are comparatively lower on budget and easy to install. Even, the ROI can exceed 100% if the tile installation looks professional and eye-catchy to homebuyers. Reach Dubai Fixing for affordable and professional ceramic tile fixing at your home.

5. Porcelain Tile Flooring

According to the latest research conducted by several renowned real estate agencies, porcelain tiles are trending in the hotlist of homebuyers. Such tiles have been appreciated for decades and are more durable than the ceramic ones.

But, porcelain tiles are much costlier than the ceramic ones. Additionally, you will have to hire a professional to install porcelain tile flooring. These will increase your budget. Moreover, there are chances of up to fifty-five per cent ROI for porcelain tile flooring.

6. Marble Tile Flooring

Marble tiles look decent in and around the home but homebuyers are not that much interested in marble tile flooring. Because marble tiles need high maintenance and people have to put efforts into cleaning them with high-quality products. That’s why the ROI value for a marble tile flooring is up to fifty percent only.

7. Stone Tile Flooring

Stone tile flooring provides an elegant look with a slate-like finishing. Additionally, you can install these low-end stone floors very easily. However, they would decrease the ROI value of your home. But, if you install superior graphite stone tiling then homebuyers would pay more, willingly. And, the ROI for stone tiles falls in between 55 to 70%.

8. Carpet Flooring

The ROI can go as low as 25% to 40% due to carpet installation. Homebuyers are more interested in hardwood flooring. Branded carpets, as well as new ones, are appreciated by homebuyers; unless questions can be raised with cleanliness and longevity of carpets on floors.

But, carpets are much cheaper than other flooring installations. Therefore, this little investment can increase your home resale value to some extent. Consider renovating the flooring with brand new carpets while you are going to resell your home.

How to Determine the Best Flooring for a Hike in your Home’s Resale Value?

Whenever you decide the best flooring for remodelling your home for resale, have a look at your current house conditions and the protocol of your region. Make sure that the flooring is consistent within your home. There is no controversy that hard surfaces are way better than carpets.

By the way, if carpets are a must then install them only in your bedrooms. Homebuyers would check whether the finishing of the floors is professional, floors are comfortable or not. Moreover, the floors should stay clean and well-maintained. Repair the hardwood floors in case there are any cracks. Choose the flooring type that would definitely benefit you. Otherwise, there is no strong aspect of home revamping. You might consider a nice laminating style and layout for a mid-range house.

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