5 Tax-Saving Tips in 2019 from the Professional Accountants

5 tax saving tips in 2019 from the professional accountants

Taxation is the most complex aspect of with perspective of tax enforcement bodies as well of subjects of taxation. This complexity has dual nature. When it comes to enforcing the policies and strategies of taxation, it becomes a hectic task to incur all of the credentials in an efficient manner. The same goes for the subjects of taxation. They could be individuals, organizations as well as small business. In order to deal with the things in an efficient manner, it is necessary to have a thorough insight on the process. Being an individual or a business owner, you do expect to minimize the taxation. There’s no harm in that. You can do that. That can only be possible if you do have a robust strategy against it. That’s how you would be able mitigate the taxation that would represent your interests.

Here are some Tax-saving Tips.

1. Incur Robust Retirement Plan.

When it comes to deal with the tax deduction plans, there are a lot of things to consider. Foremost amongst them is a retirement plan. You’ve to incur a robust retirement plan that can help you secure your interests in the best way possible. Retirement plan reduce the taxation to the hefty extents. While you are opting for a retirement plan, you have to keep in mind that you are opting the perfect retirement plan for yourself. Credentials of that plan are entirely in your favor.


  • 401(k) Plan
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
  • Roth IRAs
  • Roth 401(k)

2. Opt for Health Saving Account (HSA).

Health saving accounts are quite advantageous to reduce the aspects of taxes that you are bearing somehow. In this way, these accounts are immune to the taxation process. If not, they are subject to minimum taxation. You’ve to maintain your HSA to fully secure your interest in the best way possible.

Perks of HSA are,

  • Self-direct Options
  • Pre-tax Contributions
  • Tax-free Withdrawals
  • Tax-free Earnings
  • Annual Rollover
  • Portability

3. What about Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?

Flexible spending accounts are there to give you the maximum facilitation in order to protect your interests. Maintain one such account by dealing the transactional aspects of your business spending. In this way you would be able to leverage the maximum benefits from the policy that you are adopting. What could be gains that you can get from a policy of FSA? Are those gains possible? Yes they are.

Gains like,

  • Tax Savings
  • Medical Savings
  • Family Health Care Coverage
  • Increased Take-Home Pay
  • Immediate Availability of Funds
  • Debit Card

4. Charitable Consortium.

Charitable donation are always beneficial for you even keeping in view the taxation perspective. To acquire the maximum advantages from these donations, you have to take certain measures that would help you to reduce the taxation. Firstly, you will have to maintain the legal exposure of those charitable donations. Those legal aspects can be used as a leverage when it comes to disclose the yearly assets in order to pay the tax.

Strategy like,

  • Bunch Charitable Donations
  • Donate Appreciated Assets
  • Give IRA withdrawals

5. Buy Equipment for Depreciation Deductions.

Apart from rest of the strategies, it is advised that you can minimize the taxation on your assets or the business. One good strategy in this regard is to buy the equipment. Cost of those equipment becomes immune to tax. If you are running a business, for sure, you would be needing equipment for the work. Those expenses are not included in the taxation credentials. These are the best pieces of advice you can get from an experienced and Certified Chartered Accountant.

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