10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Custom-Printed Triangle Flags as Marketing Tools

Triangle Flag Marketing

Marketing flags are amazing tools for small businesses that want to make their brands more popular in specific locations. Business owners can customize their triangle flags any way they want. However, marketing flags can only be successful in generating leads if they’re designed and used in the right ways.

Here are ten mistakes small business owners often make while using custom-printed flags as marketing tools –

1. Only Buying One or Two Flags

A key perk of using custom-printed marketing flags is their affordability. Small business owners can order large sets of these flags without breaking the bank. Installing just one or two flags outside your store doesn’t make sense. Savvy marketers always use multiple flags to draw as much attention as possible to their advertising messages.

2. Not Using the Right Color Combinations

The colors used in your marketing flags will determine their overall appeal. A smart way of adding “the right” colors to your marketing flags is by following Pantone’s color guides. Every year, the company releases its list of trending colors in marketing materials. Use those guides to give your custom flags the right color combinations.

3. Not Installing the Flags in Appropriate Locations

Follow this simple rule when installing your custom-printed marketing flags – only select high-traffic locations. Installing your marketing flags in desolate locations doesn’t make any sense. Instead, target high-traffic areas such as – near busy intersections, outside your store, and at crowded marketing events.

4. Not Using the Flags at Events

Custom-printed marketing flags always generate attention at busy events. Not taking these marketing flags to your company events is a huge mistake. Set up these flags near your event booth, and they will organically generate interest from visitors.

5. Not Using Multiple Flags to Create Eye-Catching Designs

If you’re using small marketing flags with limited print space, get creative and spread your marketing message across different flags. For instance, one flag can feature the words “Buy Now,” and another can feature the message “To Get Major Discounts!”. Never cram too many words or design elements into a single flag.

6. Printing Wordy Marketing Messages

The average consumer doesn’t spend more than two seconds reading information on printed marketing materials. Marketing flags with long, complicated messages never retain the viewer’s attention.

7. Not Including Important Business Details

Never forget to include the following critical business details on your marketing flags –

  • Brand logo
  • Brand name
  • Opening hours
  • The company’s specialty
  • The company’s contact information

Give these critical business details the priority over aesthetic design elements while customizing your marketing flags.

8. Using the Color Blue as the Flag’s Background

Marketing flags with blue backgrounds are less visible because they blend in with the blue skylines. If your flag’s backdrop is the sky, avoid using the color blue as its background.

9. Using Fancy Fonts

Fancy fonts on your marketing flags won’t make viewers think that your brand is sophisticated. Instead, the sophisticated fonts will detract from the core marketing messages printed on your custom flags. Always use simple, easy-to-read fonts on your marketing flags.

10. Not Using Whitespace

Lastly – always use sufficient amounts of whitespace to counterbalance all the letters and images on your custom flags. A lack of whitespace will make your marketing flags impossible to read.

Avoid these ten basic errors while customizing your marketing flags!

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